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Heather & Don’s Story

A Royal Legacy

For many donors, giving back is a lifelong commitment.

For Heather and Don Royal, it will last even longer.

They have decided to set up a medical endowment with the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation, designed to keep giving to the Foundation long after their lives are over. Typically, these endowments take the form of estate gifts or Will allocations.

"We thought it would be nice to have things prepared and to have some control," Heather said. "We'll feel as though we've accomplished something and we've left this world giving something back that will continue."

Heather became involved with the hospital more than 20 years ago and has been on the Foundation board of directors for 12 years.

Dan's involvement is tied to his experience as a patient: within a six-week period in 1998, he was diagnosed with stage two colon cancer and had major heart surgery at the Saint John Regional Hospital.

"Looking back, my treatments were done so well that I developed a major sense of pride in our hospital," Don said.

"This really is a world-class facility, and we want to be a part of keeping it up and improving it where we can."

For Heather and Don, part of their desire to give back comes from knowing their contributions will stay in their community.

"There is such significant overhead with lots of charities days," Heather said. "When you give to your own hospital foundation, you're helping your friends and family, within your own community, rather than see your dollars turn into overhead costs. The people that run the Foundation are local residents too, so there's no concern that your money will end up elsewhere."

Heather says anyone could consider leaving a legacy gift to the Foundation:

"When thinking about giving back, just ask yourself: Have I been a patient? Do I know someone who has been a patient?"

"The likelihood of someone in Saint John going their entire life with no exposure to our hospital system is very slim, so why not help make it better?" Don added. "And you don't have to have zillions, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it. Every little bit counts and everyone will be recognized."

Click here for more information about making planned or legacy gift to our Foundation.