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Mike’s Story

When Mike Bacon’s dad fell from a ladder it turned out that the fractured pelvis and lacerated liver were relatively minor injuries compared to what the ICU would find when they did extensive testing to determine what had caused him to black out and fall in the first place.

“They discovered that dad had three nearly completely obstructed arteries, and that he needed emergency triple bypass surgery. He was transferred from the ICU to the Cardiac Care Unit, where he spent about a week getting ready for the procedure.

The experience in the Cardiac Care unit was incredible. I can only describe it as a community of care- from the doctors and staff, to the support we received from other patients.

Just four days after his surgery, dad was released from the hospital. He came home with a machine from the Telehealth program, which allowed me to take his vitals each morning and upload them for a nurse at the Cardiac Care Unit, who could then review them and talk to us via video conference and track his progress.

They were even able to inspect his surgical incisions via webcam and check for signs of infection. As dad's sole caregiver, these daily video calls were very comforting- they allowed me to ask questions and confirm that everything was moving along as it was supposed to. We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone at the Saint John Regional Hospital.”

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