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Our Nurses

Supporting professional and personal development for those at the heart of health care.

A nurse’s job is multi-faceted. They are both the lead clinical caregiver and the main point of contact for families and caregivers.

It’s a fundamental and challenging role – one that often goes uncelebrated. But thanks to the support of our Foundation and a committed team of volunteers, 170 nurses from the Saint John Regional Hospital came together for two days of networking and learning about one of our hospital’s new strategic directions: the journey toward patient centered care.

Brenda Kinney is Executive Director of the Saint John Area with Horizon Health Network.

“Patient centered care is one of Horizon’s strategic directions over the next five years,” Brenda said. “We as nurses think that we provide patient centered care, and that we’re advocates for patients, but we’re in a different climate now with different expectations from patients and families. A lot of our processes are actually provider centered, so there are certainly things we can do to further
incorporate the patient and their family into the care.”

Sue Ness has a long history with Horizon Health Network, once serving as Executive Director of Region 2 in Moncton.

She was hired as lead facilitator of the “Our Journey to Becoming Truly Patient Centered” conference. “One participant in the conference said it best in their evaluation: that patient centered care is not a project – it’s a way of being,” Sue said. “When you’re a professional providing care, you’re busy with lots of tasks – from documentation to procedures and treatments – so we tried to increase the understanding of what it looks like from the other side of the bed rest.”

Sue says that part of the new reality nurses face is the abundance of information now available to patients, largely thanks to technology and the internet.

“Health care providers are expected to be on top of best practices, and translating all of that information and research into how we care for patients is a new expectation,” she said.

Of the conference’s 120 participants who completed the post-conference survey, 100% gave a positive response. 25% of participants described the experience as “very good” while 75% said it was “excellent.”

Rosanne Thorne is our hospital’s Nurse Manager with Internal Medicine.

“One participant said thank you for the past two days, because it reminded her why she became a nurse,” she said. “Everyone who attended those two days felt valued as a nurse, as an employee, because we had acknowledged them for what they were already bringing to the workplace. And it wouldn’t have happened without the generosity of the Foundation.”

“Any nurse naturally puts the patient at the forefront,” said Patti Gallagher, a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurosciences. “The key part is to acknowledge that for the nurses that are present, these values are near and dear to their hearts. This conference was an opportunity for them to share and shine – it was nourishment for their nursing souls. It reinvigorated them.”

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