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Emergency Research

To ensure that we are always at the forefront of emergency care, we have developed an award winning emergency research team right here in Saint John.

The Emergency Research team continues to work with local partners to examine how science and innovation can improve care for all patients presenting to emergency departments in New Brunswick and across Canada.

We try to answers such as:

  • “If my heart stops beating, can we use ultrasound to work out why, and to determine how we might restart it?”
  • “How can we detect intimate partner violence among all the injured patients coming to the ER?”
  • “Can we improve our patients’ health by prescribing exercise?”
  • “Is it possible to predict when the ER will become overcrowded with patients and prevent backlog and long waits?”
  • “How can we ensure children’s pain is treated quickly without causing more distress – can we do that without needles?”

For the third year running, researchers from the Emergency Research team at the Saint John Regional Hospital (Horizon Health Network) have received the recognition of national awards from the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) and the College of Family Physicians for their work.

Nicole Beckett, a medical student at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick (DMNB) has been awarded the prize for Top Medical Student Research Project for her work looking at the combined role of ultrasound and electrocardiography for predicting outcomes during cardiac arrest resuscitation. Dr. Kyle McGivery, a resident training in Emergency Medicine in Saint John was also awarded a national resident research award for his work looking at early diagnosis of acute heart failure in the Emergency Department.

In 2015, Colin Rouse, also a medical student at DMNB, received the Top Medical Student Award at CAEP for his work with colleague Jefferson Hayre, comparing outcomes for trauma patients between differing systems in Atlantic Canada. Dr. Robin Clouston, another Emergency Medicine resident in Saint John, won the 2015 College of Family Physicians of Canada Top Research award for her work on Emergency department crowding.
Dr. Paul Atkinson, Chair of the Dalhousie Emergency Medicine Research Committee and Site Director for the Emergency Research program in Saint John, won the Grant Innes Award for Top Research Project at CAEP the previous year in 2014, and finished second in 2015, also for work examining the role of ultrasound in resuscitation for critical illness.

Dr. Michael Howlett, Clinical Academic Head, Dr. David Lewis, Ultrasound Program Director, Dr James French, Chair of the NB Trauma Program Research Committee, and Ms Jacqueline Fraser, Research Co-ordinator, are the other key team members for these and other projects and deserve recognition for their contributions.

The Emergency Medicine Research Program continues to work with local partners to examine how science and innovation can improve care for all patients presenting to emergency departments and urgent care centres in New Brunswick and across Canada.

If you would like to learn more about the work of the Emergency Research team, please click here